Share the DCP Manifesto with your Prospective Parliamentary Candidates!

The general election will take place 4th July 2024. 

We need the next Parliament, and its MPs to recognise the experiences of disabled children and their families. 

We wanted to give campaigners the chance to write to Prospective Parliamentary Candidates in their constituency and to share the DCP Manifesto with them in the hope that would-be MPs recognise that supporting disabled children and their families is both a local and national issue.

If you receive any responses from PPCs please forward them onto

  • Angeselle H 08.07.2024 20:54
  • Shirley W 03.07.2024 17:00
  • dougie d J 03.07.2024 14:50
  • Mrs Lorraine C 03.07.2024 14:26
  • Harriet E 03.07.2024 09:44
  • Lesley S 03.07.2024 08:03