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£10 could help to provide support for someone calling us for information and advice.  

£25 could help one of our information and advice caseworkers advise a parent or carer about their rights and signpost to the support available in their local area to try and prevent in-patient admission. 

£30 could help pay for our information and advice team to seek urgent legal casework support for a family in desperate need of advice to prevent their loved one being admitted to an in-patient unit.

How your donation helps

Thousands of people with a learning disability and or/autistic people, are being detained in modern-day asylums. 

Mencap wants to turn this around by helping families get their loved ones released from modern day asylums, by putting pressure on the government to reform social care, and by empowering and connecting families who have had similar experiences through peer support groups. 

A donation today could help us fund this crucial work, reuniting families and campaigning for change.

Together we can support people with a learning disability to lead happy and healthy lives in their communties, and with their loved ones.