Donate to Mencap - Philanthropy

How your donation can make a difference:

£5,000 could help to advocate, empower and champion the rights and welfare of the people with a learning disability on the issues affecting them locally and nationally.

£15,000 could help enable more activities for people with learning disabilities; reducing loneliness and isolation and helping them engage more with their local communities.

£20,000 could fund our helpline for a week; a specialist service for people with questions around issues such as benefits, cost-of-living, safeguarding, or accessing appropriate care and support.

£60,000 could help to run one of our dedicated work programmes, assisting more people with learning disabilities access the support they need to secure paid employment.

£100,000 could support our early years work in local communities, providing parents of young children with learning disabilities with space to seek guidance and share their challenges.


If you have an queries about supporting Mencap please contact