Celebrate 75 years of Mencap through craftivism!

Craftivism is a form of gentle, thoughtful activism where campaigners use craft (anything from sewing, knitting, to drawing and gluing) to campaign on social justice issues. It is a different way to build a movement, which can be more inclusive than traditional forms of protesting. 

To celebrate 75 years of Mencap, we are asking people to bring friends, family and their community together to participate in a craftivist activity.

We're asking campaigners to all join in to create a long and impressive string of bunting – to celebrate 75 years, but also to show how big things can happen when individuals come together.  

Bunting is a word for lines of small, coloured flags which are hung up as decorations.

We will collect all the bunting flags and string them together to display in Parliament in 2022. That way, MPs will see how many campaigners care about the rights of people with a learning disability and we can make a public celebration of Mencap’s 75 years. Think of it like a physical petition! 

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